Vehicle registration with insurance PIN as from March 2008

As from March 2008 it will be possible to register vehicles faster with an electronic insurance confirmation as well as a personal identity number (PIN). The car driver club ACE however fears problems.

Darstellung eines Autos

Stuttgart. Instead of the conventional confirmation of car insurance coverage, an encoded pin will in future be available at the request of the insurance company. This PIN is communicated to the vehicle owner by telephone, SMS or e-mail and can be used by him as proof of valid automobile liability insurance coverage. The local vehicle registration office will take care of the necessary data reconciliation. However, this modern paperless registration support could get off to a difficult start due to "authorities that are backward from an electronic point of view", fears the ACE Auto Club Europe.

The Club has therefore requested towns and administrative districts to disclose those vehicle registration offices that will probably not yet be able to apply the new technology on the cut-off date. In the ACE's opinion, the advantages of the paperless insurance confirmation would only be effective where authorities are equipped with compatible EDP technology. Otherwise, car owners would often have to wait two days until the conventional insurance confirmation arrived by post.

Update of authorities avoids unnecessary expenditure

Without the information which of the vehicle registration offices are equipped for the new technology, car insurers would have to continue to give each of their customers an insurance confirmation in paper form by way of precaution and additionally the coded PIN. With 11.5 million vehicle registrations every year, this expenditure would be unjustifiable.

The new insurance PIN – a seven digit encoding – is applied for with the insurance company or a broker and is in the ideal case quickly transmitted via telephone, SMS or e-mail. Vehicle and personal data are then reconciliated at the vehicle registration office and the successful registration is immediately reported to the Federal Office of Motor Transport (KBA). Another advantage of the electronic insurance confirmation is a reduced error rate, as data no longer have to be copied by hand at the licensing office, the ACE states, referring to details provided by the insurance association.

Two-months test phase

An initial two-months test phase for the electronic car registration commences on 1st January 2008. This time the ministers of transport and towns and administrative districts should use to publish lists about active and passive registration offices, the ACE requests. For the consumer club, the electronic insurance confirmation is the precursor to the completely digitalised vehicle registration. From 2010, vehicle owners are to be able to register their vehicles online via the Internet or by mobile phone.

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